David Carlyle

David Carlyle is a Certified Social Media Director & HootSuite Certified Professional providing business and non-profits the strategies and content management required to maximize the marketing potential of Facebook and other leading social media platforms.

David is available for speaking engagements, staff training, workshops, campaign consultation and a full range of content management services.

Unlock the Rewards of Facebook Marketing

B2C & B2B Social Media Marketing

unlock the secrets of Facebook marketingFacebook is the worlds largest social media service with over 1 billion registered users. 142 million DAILY users in North America alone.

Local, national and international campaigns increase your Facebook exposure, engagement and ROI for substantially less than any other advertising medium, often for pennies per lead.

If your business wants to benefit from the marketing power of Facebook contact me today. I'll help you develop a marketing strategy that will provide your business with targeted leads for increased profits and maximum exposure.

Non-profit Exposure & Engagement

Facebook maintains more data on it's users than any other service or business has ever been able to obtain. The vast quantity of quality personal data helps you target specific audiences that want to hear from you, need your services or would love to support your cause. Talk to me today about increased exposure for your non-profit message or campaign strategies to take your organization to the next level.

Free Social Media Webinars

Register today for my free webinars. We'll talk about all things social media with an emphasis on Facebook strategies that increase engagement, exposure and campaign success.

free social media webinarsIf you'd like to know what and when to post, how to increase post exposure, or run a campaign and evaluate it's effectiveness, join us!

We'll also talk about the value and use of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and all things social media related. It's free, informative and entertaining. Register today!

Staff Training, Workshops, Speaker

If you'd like to bring your staff up to speed on how to effectively use social media to boost online engagement and direct followers into your sales funnel contact me for more information. Presentations packed with actionable tips and advise on social media and Facebook marketing are a great way to encourage renewed enthusiasm for your social media team.

Learn how to promote your business with social media!


What clients say about my services.

“David helped our company to understand the benefits of using various forms of social media as an integrated marketing solution. The positive results of David’s approach were almost immediate. David’s commitment to our company and his professional manner are exemplary.”
Minty Thompson

Minty Thompson

VP Business Development
E-Port Interactive Media

“In an area that had us frustrated David was able to take the leadership role, analyze what needed to be done and follow through. We are finally getting social media engagement, more visitors and new sales. I highly recommend David for your social media marketing project.”
Steve Kiges

Steve Kiges

The Coach Training Academy

“David has helped us make a great leap in our understanding of today’s essential marketing through social media, and in our ability to attract clients through social media management. David offers a vital service that is an imperative for small business today.”
Roger Lee

Roger Lee

Artifax Design & Custom Furniture